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In every state we operate in, we have developed strong relationships with the governing entities in order to fully understand their interpretations of the different nutrition programs and to fully understand their processes and auditing standards.

Governing Agencies Websites

  • California Department of Education 
  • Louisiana Dept. of Education                  
  • Texas Dept. of Agriculture                      
  • Washington School Nutirtion Association
  •  Maryland State Dept. of Education        

We establish a relationship with and work with governing bodies

Let's face the facts. You care about your students, staff, and parents. You want the best food service company that can not only offer great food at great prices, but in the end, the services need to be compliant or else your going to have a huge issue on your hands. You have searched for years for that "perfect" company. Look no further, NSLP Solutions has arrived...



On a daily basis, we have each executive chef prepare a meal, take a picture of it and then send it in to corporate for auditing purposes. Each month, we audit each facilities paperwork, serving methods, and a myriad of standard processes to ensure compliance

Whenever the health department visits your campus for auditing purposes, we will either already have a representative onsite or we will immediately send on to perform your audit​

When the health department comes, we will be there....

We conduct daily, monthly, and quarterly internal audits

Whenever you are audited, we will send a director to your location to ensure compliance and communicate with the auditor.

When your audit comes, we will be there