NSLP Solutions

What students are saying.....

I eat every day now. Before our food was packaged and was horrible. Now I enjoy lunch! 

​                            -Louisiana Student

What Teachers are saying......

It is a huge help when I don't have to focus on my students' nutrition and I can solely focus on my job, which is educating them. NSLP Solutions alleviates that burden.

                              -California Teacher

NSLP Solutions Supports the Farm to Table Movement

Our Community

What parents are saying...

Your business is a blessing. I depend on your meals to feed my children during the day and the meals you are serving is awesome. Please continue the great work

                                       -Texas Parent

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What the community is saying...

I'm extremely impressed by your business model. The aspect of creating a much needed social impact is highly impressive as well.

                                   -Harvard Professor

NSLP Solutions Supports The Movement

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